For all appointments, contact Teija Barr on:

TEL: 020 7642 0272 / 07944 356225
Clinics and Group Sessions: 

South & SE, SW London:

Herne Hill- SE24
by appointment only

Central London:

Harley Street

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BP -Canary Wharf
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Session Information and Fees

Hypnotherapy sessions last typically for between 1 and 1 ½ hours, smoking cessation in a single session can take up to 2 hours.
The number of sessions needed will depend on the therapy goals. It would be wrong to state the exact number of sessions needed until the therapist has seen you, however the hypnotherapist will expect to see some beneficial change in the client after 2-3 sessions.
Teija Barr aims to achieve the results in shortest time possible.
The first session will start with taking of a detailed client record to enable Teija to understand the you and your problem and so that the goals for the therapy can be set. These goals are your goals for what you want to have happen.
CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED and if for any unlikely reason Teija unable to help you, she will recommend someone more suitable and will refer you to the relevant person.
The first session takes approximately 1.5 hrs to allow discussion about your goals and for the therapy to start. Following sessions will take 1 hr. 

Before the therapy begins, Teija will explain hypnosis, especially if you have not had hypnosis before and any other therapy techniques used and will answer any questions you may have.


  • For some of the hypnotherapy sessions a CD recording will be provided for the client to listen at home to enhance the therapy goals.
  • Additional recordings are available on purchase.


Home & Corporate Visits & Skype Sessions

  • In some cases home visits are possible on request enabling you to relax in the comfort and security of your own home, these may also be preferred for treatment of certain phobias, for instance.
  • Corporate sessions are offered either as a day visit enabling up to 4 individual sessions per day, alternatively on per session basis for any group work. You are expected to be able to provide a suitable space for the sessions.
  • Hypnotherapy session work well over Skype. You will require access to Skype and preferably also a webcam as I would like us to be able to see each other during the session.

Your Investment


The below is a guideline you can use as example only to give you an idea of the cost involved. (Please note that I would want to see you for the first hypnotherapy session for 90 minutes).


Hypnotherapy / CBT Coaching

1st Session (1.5hrs) £115 for a session, then £95 per 1hr session.

Smoking Cessation - £250 (this is a single 1.5hr-2hr  session and includes post-session support) at Herne Hill

HypnoBirthing Classes

£275 at Herne Hill (pls refer to hypnobirthing pages for other locations) - 4 x 2 hrs sessions

Hypnosis for Fertility

£95 per session  

£250 for 3 session package 


Home & Corporate Visits

Corporate Charges (1 day, max 4 employee sessions per visit) £700

Site Visits for therapy sessions as per agreement (no home visits)

Session Fees outside United Kingdom

125Euros per session

Payments can be made by PayPal, Cash or Credit/Debit card. I do not accept cheques.  

Hypnobirthing class and package session fees are payable in advance.



24 hours notice is required if you’re unable to attend your session or need to reschedule. Cancellation and changes made after this time will be subject to payment in full.