EFT - Tapping

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT) is an exciting and relatively new discovery that utilises the body’s energy meridians to release unwanted negative energies. The Technique combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology to achieve surprising results.
According the Chinese medicine the energy meridians play an important role in our wellbeing. When these meridians are blocked or circulate negative energies, we feel unwell or emotionally out of sorts. EFT focuses on eliminating the negative emotion while tuning into the cause. The established energy meridian points are tapped with fingertips while tuning into the undesired emotion. The tapping is a form of acupuncture except that needles are not used.

The client often experiences a reduction of the unwanted emotion in a matter of minutes. The process is so easy to memorise and apply, so it can be done anywhere and learned to use at home so that you can experience the rapid benefits and healing when you most need it. Over time through persistence even the most difficult issues can be erased.

Because our physical pains and diseases are so obviously connected with our emotions, the unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.

Once people have experienced how well EFT resolves the debris caused by the unwanted and negative emotions, they can then notice how physical ailments start to fade. Headaches, back pains and other discomforts can improve, as everyday stress takes less toll on the body's system.

Many feel that clearly as they allow EFT to bring freedom into their lives, where they previously thought none was possible.


EFT can be used to help with a very wide range of problems, particularly for anxiety, fear, worry, grief, trauma and any negative feelings in fact.

It can also be used to tap away feelings associated with hurtful memories, reduce cravings and to help with anything from common cold to pain relief. 

EFT is a very healing therapy that can be done effectively without reliving past traumas.

As with any other therapy it would be wrong to claim 100% success rates. EFT in its basic form has an impressive 80% success rate and also advanced techniques to top that to tackle the most difficult issues.
In an EFT session different advanced techniques of tapping are utilised depending on the issue being addressed.

The basic recipe on this page is also taughed to clients so that it can be used at home.
EFT is offered as either standarlone sessions or to compliment hypnotherapy sessions.


EFT works by accessing the energy flow meridians whilst you focus on the problem and by balancing the body's energy system removing any disturbance to the energy flow.
During the procedure you tune into the problem emotion that is troubling you, summarising it in a short affirmation while tapping the points with your fingertips. It is completely safe.
It would be best to go through this procedure with an experience practitioner so that you will get the tapping points and the process correct, however here is the basic recipe for the sequence if you want to give it a go;

Say out loud "Even though I.. (insert the problem emotion here)………..I deeply and completely accept myself”.
Repeat 3 times tapping the karate chop point.
For instance, "Event though I am feeling tired, I deeply and completely accept myself"

This prepares the mind to work on the problem and acknowledges that you are okay as you despite of this problem emotion.
Tapping on the karate chop point helps the mind focus on the problem and ensures the energy system is prepared for the work to come.
Then continue with the tapping sequence below while repeating the issue without the rest of the affirmation.

For instance, say out loud " I feel tired" each time you tap each point, except during the gamut procedure.

The Sequence

Point 1 = the beginning of the eyebrow
Point 2 = the side of the eye
Point 3 = under the eye
Point 4 = under the nose
Point 5 = the chin
Point 6 = collarbone
Point 7 = under the arm
Point 8 = thumb
Point 9 = index finger
Point 10 = middle finger
Point 11 = baby finger
Point 12 = karate chop

The Gamut Procedure

Tap on Gamut Point (you do not need to say anything) while doing the following:
* Eyes closed
* Eyes open
* Eyes hard down to the right while holding the head steady
* Eyes hard down to the left while holding the head steady
* Roll the, eyes clockwise
* Roll the eyes anti-clockwise
* Hum 2 seconds of Happy Birthday
Count rapidly from 1 to 5

Then repeat the first sequence all over again and finish off at the karate chop point (point 12), take a deep breath in and breath slowly out.