Achieve Your Goals

A goal is ‘an observable and measurable end result end having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe’ ( and ‘a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve’ (Wikipedia)

There are many definitions for goals, but stated simply, goals provide a sense of direction and motivation in life.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want?

What will I have achieved by the end of today?

What have I achieved in a year, in five years’ time?

What do I want from life?


Then ask yourself the magic question:


Imagine you had magic wand which you could use to have everything you ever wanted, your life would become exactly the way you ever wanted, all your problems would disappear.  

Step into that experience, what do you notice? What do you see, hear and feel?
Set yourself inspiring SMART goals:
Is your goal what you really want ? Does it inspire you? If not, chance then  so that you  can motivate yourself to attain your goal. 
 People aren’t lazy. They simply have impotent goals –that is, goals that do not inspire them’. – Anthony Robbins

Be clear about Why you want What you want:

Asking yourself why you want what you want underpins the reasons that will help you get motivated and more importantly, stay motivated. Be clear and remind yourself periodically what these reasons are.
Establish When you want What you want:
Set yourself a target or when you want to meet your goal. Do you have goals you want to reach for a certain event. For example, a wedding or a sporting event? Also establish when is it not realistic to work on your goal or what are the circumstances that would make your goal unobtainable?
A time frame helps you to set achievable milestones between now and when you want your goal. Note that I am referring to a time frame rather than a time limit, these are different concepts. 
Take Action and Get Started.
There is never a better time to start achieving your goals than NOW. Procrastination is the fastest way to fail achieving your goals and getting you where you want to be.
Each time you start something, you will set in a motion of chance. 90% of success is simply about getting started.