Hypno worked an absolute treat

posted Feb 1, 2013, 1:54 PM by Teija Barr   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 1:54 PM ]
Hypno worked an absolute treat.. this is what happened...
I had a Birth centre assessment at 3pm thurs 27, my waters broke 7pm that day but with no contractions. Had quick checkup at birth centre and they sent me home- they said  I had to have contractions within 24 hours or come back for another check but this time in the labour ward.

I had a bath and went to bed at 10pm when contractions started and I used relaxation and hypno until contractions were every 3-4mins at 6 am when I woke my to put tens machine on for some additional comfort. My husband called the centre at 7. 30 am fri and I got my room at 8 am. It's a beautiful environment just like a hotel room and the midwives are supportive of natural birth. The first midwife asked if she could do a vaginal examination to which I said no and she said she had to to know how dilated I was but she'd check with her chief midwife but I said to her that my labour was progressing well and I didn't want to risk it slowing down.

So for first stage labour in the centre, I was very active moving round and standing etc per NCT advice and tried gas and air. I didn't like it so only used hypno and tens. I didn't ask for midwife until felt second stage beginning and I really had to push. The midwife who then came was the chief midwife. She read my birth plan, was very supportive and asked if I wanted a vaginal examination and to think about it for 10 mins. I decided to have one then because I didn't think it would interfere with progress by then, I was confident baby was ready to come down. When she came back and checked, she was so astonished that the head was already visible and I was so calm.

I had natural third stage and baby had skin to skin and she fed straight away. The midwife was telling us how amazing it was to witness a hypnobirth.

I definitely think hypno worked very well - I found the whole first stage labour manageable and mild discomfort which is testimony to how effective it must be (I don't think the tens alone would have worked) and have been advocating it to all pregnant girls that I know.
The midwife also wants a written birth story and photo of Anna for her wall at the birth centre which makes me really proud of what we achieved.
I say we because my husband was a fab birth partner and reminded me to control breathing and that all was going well throughout which was so helpful. I also say "we" because you definitely were part of this birth from our sessions and your CDs.