Stress Relief and Relaxation

"I left the room much more energised and upbeat than when I walked in before the session..."
BEAT STRESS with powerful relaxation sessions for groups and individuals using hypnosis. 
I believe in helping individuals and teams perform better in their professional and personal lives by relieving stress through deep relaxation of the body and mind and by teaching on subconscious level how to prevent stress, build stamina and how take care of oneself.
"I felt more relaxed afterwards, clear headed and brighter..."
IN STRESS RELIEF AND RELAXATION SESSIONS we use hypnosis to introduce a state of deep relaxation of the physical body and conscious mind. Typically, under hypnosis, your muscles will loosen and your breathing will become slower and deeper and you possibly will feel a pleasant sense of ‘drifting or floating away sensation’ and detachment from your surroundings. Everyone’s experience is different but you will defi
nitely feel very comfortable and very relaxed


After the body and mind relaxation has been achieved, you will receive beneficial suggestions for stress relief, improved confidence, ego boosters and will emerge from the session feeling calm, refreshed and marvellous!

Some of the sessions also include teaching you self-hypnosis techniques.
Each session lasts between 45-60 minutes.
These sessions are incredibly popular and work very well in corporate setting.
You need no special equipment, although a yoga mat or a blanket is recommended for additional comfort, and can come just as you are, making these session easy to fit into a lunch break.
"More of the same for me please, relaxation and de-stressing...letting things go!"
"I was so surprised as I was not initially convinced the session would help my stress levels but it did!"
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