Healthy Habits to Prevent Insomnia

There are many simple things that you can do to help yourself prevent Insomnia. Here are a few guidelines that are also recommended by NHS.

Set a specific time for getting up each day. Stick to this time, seven days a week, even if you feel you haven't had enough sleep. This should help you sleep better at night.

Don't take a nap during the day.

Take daily exercise, such as 30 minutes walking or cycling, at least four hours before you're planning to go to bed. This will allow your body temperature to cool down.

Set a bedtime routine, such as taking a bath every night. You will learn to associate this activity with sleep.

Only go to bed when you're feeling tired.

Make your bedroom a place for a good night sleep;

Use thick blinds or curtains or wear an eye mask if you find light a problem for getting to sleep.

Wear ear plugs if noise is a problem.

Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex if possible Don't watch television, make phone calls, eat or work while you're in bed. Make sure that you have a comfortable mattress, a pillow and bedcovers.

If you are able to get to sleep but end up waking up at the same time each night, set an alarm to go off slightly before and observe what happens during the time you usually are woken up. Are there any sounds like central heating starting or noises coming from outside that might be disturbing your sleep?

Before Bedtime - things to avoid;

Avoid tea and coffee four hours before bedtime.

Avoid alcohol and smoking because alcohol and nicotine are also stimulants. Alcohol may make you sleepy at first but will wake you up when the effects have worn off.

Avoid eating a big or spicy meal late at night. A small snack that contains tryptophan (a natural sleep-promoting amino acid) may help, such as turkey, banana or fish.


If however, you find difficult to fall asleep or something is troubling you;

Hide the clock -checking the time will only result you  becoming more anxious.

Keep a pen and paper handy -  write a list of your worries and any ideas to solve them, then try to forget about it until the morning.

Go and do something else that is not exciting for a while, leave bedroom and go to read a magazine or a book, watch little bit of TV or even mop the kitchen floor.