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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

We recognise the importance of high quality and recognised training Clinical Hypnosis Training provides.
 The ICH Clinical Hypnosis Training  was founded in 1994 and is recognised as one of the UK’s foremost training colleges for clinical hypnotherapists.  The ICH courses provide a recognised professional qualification and the opportunity to pursue a rewarding and fascinating career path. 
Details for training courses can be found on http://www.ichypnosic.com

AICH (Association of ICH) Events
The AICH provides continuing professional support for ICH graduates
Only students holding an ICH Diploma are invited to join the Association of the ICH.  It is through this body that the ICH provides continuing professional support.  

AICH meetings 
 Meetings normally take place quarterly from 7pm - 10pm. They help ICH graduates to keep in touch with each other and to offer them the opportunity to discuss professional issues. A guest speaker is usually invited to report on the latest developments in a particular field. 

Although the events are primarily intended for the benefit of AICH members, it may be possible to attend one of these events as a guest (on invitation only).
The price of a guest pass is £15.
Please check with ICH office on 020 8693 6930 or info@ichypnosis.com first if you can attend as a guest before paying for your Guest Pass.
Once your place has been confirmed, you can proceed with the payment below. Please remember to print your receipt and bring it along to the event to gain entry.