Have you got a plan? Do you know what you want and how to get it? 

Coaching is an effective form of personal development where the client and the coach work in close co-operation and relationship to enable the client to meet their goals for personal growth and competence. 

Coaching helps in building skills and abilities, it helps improving communications skills and relationships, both in personal and professional life, and is beneficial whether you are a student, stay home parent or at full time work.  It can help business executives, teams and groups perform better at workplace and at home, attain personal and professional goals more  effectively and to increase motivation and drive.

Coaching can help you achieve the balance in life that is right for you.

It is often said that coaching differs from therapy in that it is focuses in the future; Looking at where you are right now and where you want to be. I work with the individual as the ‘whole person’ – one that does not leave his non-work life behind when he walks into the workplace.  I will work with you help you find the strengths and talents that are uniquely yours,  so you can overcome obstacles and set off on your chosen path. We will work together to help you identify what is important to you and what helps you create the life that you want.

 Coaching sessions will help you:

Establish Goals

We will work on establishing goals, using the framework for SMART goals because setting personal goals leads to better performance. Successful goals are SMART; clear, measurable and suitable challenging across all different areas of your life. People who have clear goals are more successful than people who don’t have any!

Identify and resolve what limits you and what you need to succeed 

I will invite you to consider how your whole life is being impacted by the here and now situation as well as how what is happening in your whole life might be impacting here and now.  This means helping you understand where you want to be and where to get to in your life, what may be stopping you from getting where you want to be and helping you resolve issues as they are identified regardless of when they were established. 

We will work on identifying  and resolving what may prevent you from achieving your goals and address the self-limiting and blocking beliefs that get on the way. We will work on identifying your skills and tools and the inner resources you already have that help you help yourself. We will work on helping you identify how your thoughts and beliefs impact the outcomes and help you identify the negative self-talk and how to turn this around to help your goal attainment.

Improve your communication 

Coaching can help you learn how to improve your communication, with yourself and others, how to get your point across firmly and how to deal with conflict situations. Understanding how you come across to others is at the heart of good communication skills. 

Assertiveness training gives you the skills for being able to choose your response in any given situation, giving you the control over the impact you have;

I work with both individuals and teams to teach the impact of body language, learn about dynamics of communication and the secret to the use of sensory language, how to build and lose rapport. You will explore your patterns of behaviour and understand the impact on others.


Assertiveness coaching does not only give you the skills to deliver clear and concise messages that get things done and how to deal with difficult people, it will also teach you how to turn up and down the different qualities you have to achieve your goals.

Resolve emotional disturbances

My whole person approach to coaching helps you address emotional disturbances such as anxiety.  You will learn to identify how your thoughts impact your behaviour and emotions and can lead to symptomatic consequences such as stress and illness. You will learn how to you can learn to deal with feelings such as anxiety, transforming it to a healthier alternative that helps you to get in touch with your creativity; encouraging you to stay alert to possibilities and insight; aiding you to get results at workplace or at home; to inspire others and help with your decision making.


Corporate Workshops can be tailor made to your requirements.

Currently mini-workshop sessions are running on the following topics. Each session lasts approx 2 hrs.

8 Steps to Achievable Goals

In this session you learn how to establish SMART goals through 8 simple steps and how to achieve them. You will learn about the Laws Of Expectation, how to work on your beliefs  and bring new awareness on your goals.

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is the fastest way to fail slowly. Too many of us agonise over choices that don't matter, and in the end maybe choose none of them. Procrastination affects most people at some point of their lives. In these session you learn to identify when you are procrastinating and what exactly is going on when you do.

We will look at the reasons why people procrastinate, what are the thought patterns and demands you are making on yourself or others, and how these impact your thoughts and your behaviour. We will look at both cognitive and practical activities you can do to overcome this habit, using both hypnosis and CBT. We will look at how self-help tools such as use of positive affirmations, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, EFT for example, can help you get started, keep going and motivated to carry on.

Motivation and Performance Improvement

Motivation is what keeps the winners going, give yourself a little help with this session to really making a difference in how to get started and go on achieving your goals.  You can amaze your self how easy it really is to give yourself the right motivation and what you can achieve when you have.

In this session you will identify the resources that help you remain motivated and improve your performance.

Why to Coach with Teija Barr?

I have a MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy and  am a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer and Consultant and a NLP Master Practitioner, having trained with the most influential people in the field; Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Joseph O’Connor, Charles Faulkner, Judith Lowe.

I hold a diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (City CBT Coaching College) and am a trained Clean Coach (Clean with Emergent knowledge and Clean Language, cutting edge coaching methods developed by David Grove).

I use primarily NLP and CBT in coaching although often dip into my box of other amazing skill such as  EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping), Eye Movement Therapies and Mindfulness.


"Teija is an amazing Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her talent of being able to view issues from a different perspective almost from the minute she meets you is second to none. I would without hesitation recommend Teija to anyone seeking this kind of therapy and coaching." SH - Programme Manager, Essex